Mean Girls: Soooo Fetch



I didn’t think I’d like Mean Girls. I mean it seemed like just another high school drama, of which I’ve seen enough to say I don’t enjoy them in the least. Although after watching this movie, I realized that Mean Girls isn’t just another movie in this genre. This movie defined the genre, and every other movie I’d seen had been desperately trying to imitate it. Now I know I’ll have to defend my masculinity after saying this, but Mean Girls is one of the best movies I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. Now I’m going to balance it out by saying I also really like Rocky, Raging Bull, The Godfather, Terminator, Die Hard, and Scarface.

Anyway back to Mean Girls. This movie is so good. I’m struggling to find anything wrong with this movie. I mean it’s not the most complex plot-wise, and it is by no means revolutionizing the way we make movies in general (like Inception, or Gravity), but this movie is so fun to watch.

There are so many great things about this movie. I’d say where the movie excels is in its cast. The cast is really amazing. Watching this movie made me realize how much Lindsey Lohan had going for her. It also made me realize how bad the effects of cocaine are. But in this movie, she looked great, she was very funny, and I really think she was perfect for this role. Rachel McAdams also did a very good job. I think she stepped outside her norm for this role, which was nice. Granted, this is still a movie targeted for girls (like almost all her movies), but in this one she doesn’t play the same character as she almost always plays, like the one in the Notebook (so I’ve seen The Notebook. Big deal. I SWEAR I’M SUPER MANLY).

The secondary cast was also amazing. Both Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were amazing in this movie. They both added so much to the level of humor in the movie. Tina Fey plays that kind of character a lot, but Amy Poehler played a character so different from her norm. I can’t find the words to describe my happiness in seeing her as a mom desperately trying to be young, and being bossed around by her daughter.

Above all, this movie is so funny. I found myself laughing out loud many times throughout the movie, which doesn’t happen a lot. I was on the verge of laughter about 95% of the time. The cast really worked together with such comedic brilliance. Amanda Seyfried was particularly funny, playing the stereotypically dumb blonde. Everyone in this movie was extremely funny. Mean Girls is so full of catch phrases, it’s unbelievable. Whether it be regarding to wearing pink on Wednesdays, the ‘British’ phrase Fetch, or the lethal consequences of sex, this movie is incredibly quotable.

The only think that I can think of that was not amazing was the cinematography. I mean it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t anything brilliant (as opposed to so much of this movie). It was composed of generic shots, that did the job, but it was nothing special.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants a light movie that you can laugh at and enjoy. This is a movie that would be enjoyable to watch alone or with a group of people. It’s really just a fun movie to watch.

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