Captain Phillips: Tom Hanks At His Best


Captain Phillips is the Paul Greengrass’ latest movie (director of The Bourne Ultimatum). It stars Tom Hanks as Captain Rich Phillips, a cargo ship captain who is put in an extremely intense situation when pirates try to board his ship. Any other plot details would spoil the plot.

When I went into this movie I wasn’t totally sure what to expect. I’d heard good things about the movie, but I think any Tom Hanks movie (even the bad ones), have his hardcore fans saying its a good movie. I really like Paul Greengrass though. To this day I believe he is one of the only directors who can pull off good shaky-cam. So all that being said, I went into Captain Phillips expecting something at least half-decent. And both Tom Hanks and Paul Greengrass lived up to their reputations. Captain Phillips is a great movie, with great acting.

I think where the movie really excelled is in the acting. Tom Hanks never ceases to amaze. Whether he’s comparing life to a box of chocolates in Forrest Gump or chasing Leonardo DiCaprio around the world in Catch Me If You Can, Hanks really makes the viewer feel for his character. Captain Phillips is no exception. Very soon into the movie I stopped seeing Tom Hanks pretending to be someone else and started seeing Rich Phillips. If you like Hanks’ acting, this is something I would strongly suggest you see. Something that always amazes me about Tom Hanks is his ability to delve into a character without overacting. I think a lot of actors have tried to mimic this, but fail miserably.

Something that surprised me was how well acted the Somali pirates were (especially considering the fact that this was a lot of the actors’ first movie). Normally in movies like this, the supporting cast is pretty terrible. However, in this movie, I started to feel for the pirates as well as Captain Phillips.

At times Captain Phillips is a bit slow (boats don’t usually allow for fast paced scenes), but the movie is still very engaging. The fact that the viewers care so much for Hanks’ character makes scenes where he is in danger very intense. The filming helps keep the story moving as well. The shots are all very well done and allow the viewer to stay interested in what is being shown. At times, the style is very similar to that of The Bourne Ultimatum, which is for sure a good thing. It is the sort of filming that other action movies try to mimic, but are often unable to.

I don’t want to give away anything about the movie so I’ll stop here. In summary, Captain Phillips is a very well done movie, that is very engaging and extremely well acted. It is for sure worth a watch. It’s movies like this, or Gravity, that excite me for this year in movies (especially with the upcoming movies such as The Counselor, American Hustle, Out of the Furnace, Monuments Men, 12 Years a Slave, etc.). 

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