Premium Rush: Sure Why Not

I’ll start this review by saying that I did enjoy the movie. Despite its many faults (and there were many), I found that it was well edited, well filmed, the stunt work was good, and Joseph Gordon Levitt was awesome (as usual). The movie is not good movie but it is an enjoyable one.

From the moment I saw the trailer for the movie, I wanted to see it. As a die hard JGL fan, I knew that if anything, the acting would be good. Also, even from the trailer, the bike scenes looked great. And I wasn’t disappointed in the least (in that respect). The bike scenes (which took up a fairly large portion of the movie, seeing as how it is a bike messenger film) were well done. They were pretty entertaining and thrilling, and I’ll admit my legs even got a bit sore just from watching some of the scenes.

Another aspect that I enjoyed about the movie was the stunt work. There were a total of four additional people doing stunts for Gordon-Levitt’s character. One of them was a real bike messenger, one of them was a Hollywood stunt man, one was good at tricks on a trials bike, and one was good at tricks on a fixed-gear track bike, which is essential for the movie. However, Gordon Levitt does the majority of the work. He trained for months in order to be able to perform in the normal bike scenes. Throughout the movie, he had to get 31 stitches!

I will not go into much more depth about the other Pros about the movie. Instead I’ll move on to the Cons. First and foremost, I found the actor of the main ‘villain’ to be pretty poorly acted. I mean wow. I like Michael Shannon as much as the next guy, but his character was just too poorly written to have a good performance come out of it.

Another Con is that some aspects of the movie to be super unrealistic. No. Unrealistic is too weak a word. Some aspects were wayyy over-exaggerated. But it didn’t really matter.

All in all, I’d say that this was a fairly mediocre movie. In no way is it a work of genius. In the words of Joseph Gordon Levitt himself, “It’s just a fun time at a summer popcorn chase flick”. And as far as ‘popcorn chase flicks’ are concerned, it is a pretty good one. I would recommend it. It’s fun and thrilling to watch, and well acted for the most part (and by that i mean Joseph Gordon Levitt is cool).

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