The Dark Knight Trilogy: Nolan, You Wizard!


From a young age, many of us have wished we could be Batman. For me at least, he was always more than a superhero. The fact that he has no superhuman abilities means that he is obviously easier to relate to. His powers come only from an extreme amount of dedication, as well as an unfathomable amount of money. Therefore, Batman is so admired by so many people. But peoples’ love for the masked crusader only makes it harder for movie makers to make Batman movies. As the years go by, movie makers face an ever increasing amount of scrutiny from the audience. They have to get things right otherwise they risk being eaten alive by critics, moviegoers, and comic book fans. Which is why I have a lot of respect for Christopher Nolan and his endeavors to create more Batman movies.

Which brings us to the first movie, Batman Begins. I will star by saying that I absolutely love this movie. Although it is not my favorite movies of the trilogy, it really is a great film. Nolan’s ability to modernize such a popular character is truly incredible. That would be one of the hardest things about the movie: trying to modernize almost everything in the Batman world. But Nolan really stepped up to the challenge. He was able to modernize nearly everything. from the Batman’s suit, to his Batmobile. The Batmobile though, is really a key part to any Batman movie. The Batmobile evolved frequently over time, and it was essential for it to evolve again for this trilogy. In an interview for the History Channel documentary, Batman Tech, Nolan stated that he had his plans for the Batmobile with him when he pitched the idea to make a new Batman movie.

And one of the things that makes the trilogy so amazing is the fact that there is very little CGI in the movies. Many things in the movie are to scale, but not only that, are fully functional. Amazing.

Now, The Dark Knight. Seeing this movie at the midnight showing, full of people in Batman costumes, is something I will never forget. But there is not much to say about this movie. The acting was incredible (especially Heath Ledger’s), the story was incredibly written, although extremely dark. The creation of the fully functional Batpod is super impressive as well. I have nothing bad to say about this movie, except maybe that I left the theater pumped, but kind of depressed due to the darkness in the movie (Gotham’s white knight, Harvey Dent, was corrupted). In my opinion, it is the movie in the trilogy that is the most well done.

And last but DEFINITELY not least, The Dark Knight Rises. For the brief review of this movie, I will have more negative things to say, but mostly because it is still fresh in my mind (I saw it twice already). I would say that The Dark Knight Rises has the heaviest plot of the three movies (what with Gotham being cut off from the rest of the world and everything). This was good in many aspects, but it was also a minor set back. With a running time of 2h45, the movie is definitely not short. But despite its length, I wish it were longer. The movie was incredible, but I wish some parts were elaborated. For example, I wish that the scenes where Bruce Wayne is in The Pit were a bit longer, and I wish they showed some sort of journey back to Gotham. That being said, I absolutely loved the movie. The performances by the returning cast was amazing as usual, but so were the performances of all the new actors. Tom Hardy’s role as Bane was perfectly played. The amount of emotion he was able to show with only his eyes was fantastic. I have been a big fan of Hardy for some time now, and this movie only strengthened my respect towards him as an actor. Also, Anne Hathaway was the perfect catwoman. And she was more than able to pull the tight leather costume. She trained for months in order to be able to perform all her stunts herself. Not only that, but she was able to perform the stunts in heels! Marion Cotillard did amazingly as well, although her acting didn’t stand out as much as the others’. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was incredible as usual. I love him in all the movies he’s been in. He’s an incredible actor. The Dark Knight Rises was an excellent conclusion to an excellent trilogy. It definitely lived up to my expectations.

As far as Nolan’s choice not to include 3D, i agree 100%. It makes me really happy to know that Nolan chose not to film in 3D, despite the fact that it would have almost doubled the amount of money he would have made. He stated in an interview that he hates 3D, and I’m very happy he chose what’s best for the movie, as opposed to what’s best for him. His choice to film in IMAX was for sure the right thing to do. Only the IMAX cameras are able to capture all of the hard work and genius that goes into these movies.

So all in all, The Dark Knight Trilogy is honestly one of the best trilogies ever released. Between the fantastic casting, the genius writing by the Nolan brothers, the incredible directing by Christopher Nolan, the AMAZING soundtracks by Hans Zimmer, and everything else that was amazing, it is hard to find too many negative things to say about the trilogy. Well done Christopher Nolan!

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